• The Return of The Fishin’ Hole

    The Return of The Fishin’ Hole

    We have been away from our home-state for two years. It’s a long story, but we roamed through Florida, then up to Wisconsin… and now are headed back home to Maine. Our return should be late March / Early April […]

  • Maine Smelt Fishing 2015

    Maine Smelt Fishing 2015

    Maine Sea Smelts 2015 I woke up this morning and the good folks at Baker’s smelt camps had reports of their first numbers of the season on their Facebook page. 400 for a couple of fellas and more photos of […]

  • Maine Winter off to a Warm Start

    Maine Winter off to a Warm Start

    Pittston, Maine The Smelt Update It’s no secret that my favorite place to fish for Sea Smelts is Pittston, Maine at Baker’s Smelt Camps. It’s also no secret that this winter has been off to a warm start. Ice has […]

  • Maine Smelt Fishing

    Hanging Around the Fishin’ Hole Hanging around the Fishin’ Hole Smelt Fishing episode is back online and available to everyone. In this episode Kent and I visit Baker’s Smelt Camps to use the Fishin’ Hole Rigs to catch and fry […]

  • Website rebuilt

    The Ol Fishin’ Hole had a server upgrade, which required a site re-build. Things ar estill coming together, and we will be adding tips, tricks and how-to’s. The base products are listed on the front page, as the season gears […]


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