Maine Smelt Fishing 2015

Maine Sea Smelts Maine Sea Smelts 2015

I woke up this morning and the good folks at Baker’s smelt camps had reports of their first numbers of the season on their Facebook page. 400 for a couple of fellas and more photos of buckets filling up fast on all the tides.

That’s a good start, fishing is hot and the weather is cold. The Kennebec river in Maine will now spawn a little village of its’ own. Ice shanties pushed out on the ice, electric bulbs dangling over troughs of open water and ‘The Fishin’ Hole’ Ice rigs pulling smelts up through to land in skillets on the wood stoves!

Sea smelts on the stove

Sea smelts on the stove

During these first bursts the smelts seems to taste the best. Maybe it’s because everyone has had to wait a whole year while the smelts made their rounds out in the cold Atlantic, maybe it’s the taste of anticipation. Whatever the flavor is, it sure is delicious. Grab your rigs, jigs and rods, grab your skillet and reserve your shack NOW!

The Smelts have come to Maine!

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